7-Month U.S. Certified Culinarian (Diploma)

Duration: 7 Months
* Fees subject to change without prior notice

The 7-month U.S. Certified Culinarian Program  is a perfect program for those who have the passion to learn culinary arts the professional way, but do not have the luxury of  time to enroll in a full-time program that requires 4-5 days a week of classes during the day.  This class holds double sessions every Saturday, from 8-4PM.

This program follows the world-class American Culinary Federation Education Foundation accredited  culinary training of AHA Philippines, and the TESDA  NC II Cookery.

The uniqueness of the program lies in its approach to culinary training that gives  weight to the internship hours  that students will render in the industry.  The cooking techniques, methods and world cuisines that students will learn in the AHA classroom and kitchen laboratory will be reinforced in the actual culinary training in restaurants and hotels.  Thus, 300 hours of internship training is the minimum requirement, which students can start working with after finishing every module of classroom/kitchen laboratory at AHA.  Students have an option to do internship in the U.S., Malaysia, and Australia.  They are also qualified to the step-up program of AHA with the Florence University of the Arts in Italy, either for the 4-week Italian Cookery and Restaurant Training or the Master in Culinary Arts (please refer to the Joint Program page).

This program is perfect for the following:

  1.  those who have  regular day job during the week and can only attend culinary classes every Saturday and do internship after office hours;
  2. professionally employed in the kitchen but want to earn a certificate or diploma; and
  3. hobbyists, culinary enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs.

The program is divided into 6 modules, and students may even  have the option to do one module at a time depending on time availability and budgetary constraints.

Please call

+632 927 753 8177
+632 920 938 5645
+632 906 540 0522

for enrollment and intake schedule.

Tuition fee includes:

  1. ALL E-RECIPES/Notes
  2. Knives
  3. Ingredients
  4. One set uniform

*Excluded from Tuition fee:

  1. International internship cost (optional)
  2. Certified Culinarian $150 U.S. processing fee
  3. Field trip (optional)
  4. Fee for NCII TESDA Certification Exam (approximately Php 1,000.00)


*  ACF Diploma Accredited Program


ADMISSION Requirements:

Minimum educational requirement: High School diploma
Completed Application Form with 2 photos (1 1/2″ X1″)
Application fee of P 500.00
Photocopy of Birth Certificate
Must pass written entrance exam, interview, medical, and psychological examinations

For High School graduates – Form 138 (Photocopy of High school Report Card and Photo copy of High school Diploma
For college undergraduates – Form 138 ( Photocopy of High school Report Card and updated form 137 (Photocopy of Transcript of Records
For college graduates – Certified True Copy of Diploma and Form 137 (Photo of Transcript of Records)
Certificate of Honorable Dismissal from most recently attended school
Certificate of Good Moral Character from most recently attended school


Diploma Program
7 months
Full payment 199,000.00
7 Installment Plan as of Jan 2019
Upon Enrollment 50,000.00
2nd Month 25,000.00
3rd Month 25,000.00
4th Month 25,000.00
5th Month 25,000.00
6th Month 25,000.00
7th Month 25,000.00
Total 225,000.00