ACF Accreditation



The American Culinary Federation (ACF), thru the ACF Education Foundation (ACFEF), granted its first-ever 5-year accreditation to AHA Philippines for its Diploma in Culinary Arts/Culinary Entrepreneurship and Associate in International Culinary Arts programs in 2011. A team of highly trained American culinary educators and chefs travelled to the Philippines to evaluate and assess the programs of AHA Philippines, which proved to be at par with ACF-accredited culinary schools in the U.S and the world.

AHA Philippines continues to sustain its U.S. standard of culinary training with its second 5-year accreditation in 2016.  ACF Awarded last July 2016 a full accreditation of the program from 2016-2021.

Why is ACF accreditation important? An international accreditation from this reputable international institution translates to:

1. You have graduated from a school that passes the strictest standards set by the premier association
of chefs in the U.S. in terms of curriculum, program content, facilities and faculty

2. You have graduated from a school that is at par with other ACF-accredited schools in the U.S. and
the world;

3. You have the network of chefs from the U.S. and all over the world for possible training,
employment and collaborative research in the field; and

4. Your potential international employer will recognize the quality of culinary training you went
through as a student.

You may view the website to learn more about the American Culinary Federation.