Joint Program with the Florence University of the Arts



AHA Philippines and the Florence University of the Arts  offer the FIRST and ONLY JOINT INTERNATIONAL MASTER PROGRAM in CULINARY ARTS in the Philippines! The 10-month Master in International Culinary Arts is a unique step-up program that combines AHA Philippines’ American Culinary Federation (ACF) certified culinary program with master class training from one of the leading Italian culinary institutions, Culinary Institute of Florence – FUA.  The program enable students to learn advanced techniques in  Italian cooking, molecular gastronomy, Italian pastry, wine studies,  and experience more than 300 hours of restaurant training.

The step-up 10-month program starts with the 6-month Diploma in Culinary Arts or the 7-month U.S. Certified Culinarian at AHA Philippines and then proceed to the Flounce University of the Arts for the 4-month intensive culinary, baking and wine courses plus restaurant training.    The student will receive an AHA Diploma for the local basic program  and another Master Diploma from both Florence University of the Arts and AHA Philippines.

For those who want  shorter program, AHA- FUA offers the 4-week Italian Cuisine course plus Restaurant Training  to students who are in the AHA Diploma or U.S. Certified Culinarian track. This program is combines lecture, laboratory and 100 hours of restaurant training.   A certificate from the Florence University of the Arts is given to students who complete the course.

Since 2010, more than 100 AHA students have enrolled in this special program specifically designed for AHA Philippines and experienced first-hand European cooking at the heart of Tuscan cooking – Florence. Students lived like local Florentines, went to market, toured wineries, learned traditional and professional way of Italian cooking, and most importantly, immersed themselves in the culinary richness of Italian gastronomy.