ACF Accreditation 2016 to 2021

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Congratulations to AHA Philippines for the accreditation of its culinary programs for 2016 to 2021 by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation! Truly a world-class culinary school for everyone!
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Why is ACF accreditation important? An international accreditation from this reputable international institution translates to:
1. AHA Philippines passed the strictest standards set by the premier
association of chefs in the U.S. in terms of curriculum, program
content, facilities and faculty qualifications;
2. AHA Philippines is at par with other ACF-accredited schools in
the U.S. and the world;
3. AHA Philippines has the network of chefs from the U.S. and all
over the world for possible training, employment and collaborative
research in the field; and
4. AHA Philippines is recognized by international employers (hotels,
restaurants, culinary schools) as a culinary training ground that
follows U.S. quality and standards.